"It is almost 1 year ago that I started trading everyday. I lost 75% percent of my portfolio with no end in sight. Until I came across KAF and give it my last and only chance. On day one, he geniunely cared and straight out gave me a game plan. I was only trying out for the 1 week trial, but he treated me like his only student. Obviously what strategy I used before and all those ema, macd, etc didn't work. He made it simple. Its all about being patient, take profit faster, stay displicined and easy to learn pattens. We pratically trade the same patterns everyday. No need to make trading more complicated. I am writing this cause I have been in many chat rooms. I still have a couple of chatrooms that are lifetime membership for me but I NEVER use them anymore. Now that I am in KAF Investing, I have been green and seeing my portfolio going up. I was depressed and my dreams were coming to an end. Now, I see light at the end of the tunnel. Please try it out for a week and see what I mean. I promise you, you won't regret it."

GH (KAF Investing chat room member)
"I've followed KAF on twitter for sometime, watched his posts and every time I kept asking myself: how did he know that a ticker will do exactly what KAF said is going to do a day before. I was somewhat amazed with his accuracy observing it from far. What really knocked me off my feet was when I joined his chat room, which by the way was the best decision I ever made. During first week of my trial, KAF was spot on with every single trade we had. Needless to say, I made $2,600 that first week. At this point, I was not only amazed, I was stunned by his accuracy and preciseness of his picks, I feel I won a jackpot with this chat room. It was no brainier for me, I had to lock my spot in this room. He selects nothing less than A+ setup. He mentors and educates, he explains what to look for in a setup and what to avoid. His watch lists are detailed with explanations why a ticker is selected. His methods of teaching: educational videos, and 1-on-1 mentoring are reflected on my portfolio with significant weekly gains. I just love it."

​-MA (KAF Investing chat room member)
"Ever since becoming a member of KAF Investing, I have learned how to stop chasing picks, how to time my entrances/exits more effectively, and I am also up 20% in only two weeks, after being in a 35% hole. KAF Investing is no joke, this is the next up and coming investment aid and I HIGHLY recommend getting involved soon. I plan on staying with KAF Investing for the future."

​-JP (KAF Investing chat room member)
"Wow 30 percent in a day. People download Think or Swim, get on that voice channel, and it's straight money from there. Live alerts, edu, in-depth watchlists, video lessons, and voice channel are hard to come by all in one chat. You'll learn more valuable things in this chat than most of the classes you've ever taken in your life"

​-JJ (KAF Investing chat room member)
I was just like everyone else in the stock markets today, 50% down in my portfolio because of never cashing out when I should have been. I think KAF two week free trial is the best promotion he can do, because he'll show you his method makes you money and after I saw that in two days , I knew I was going to be in this for a while and I signed up. But like I said his two week free trial, take and you really have nothing to lose even if you just watch and see what he does, you'll see he knows what he's doing and you'll like it.

​-MR (KAF Investing chat room member)
"Thanks KAF! I really appreciate what you do here. A lot of the discord chats I'm in give good advice but its always broad.  You giving more details on stop losses and actual price values is awesome! We  value you sharing the info!!!!!"

-BB (KAF Investing chat room member)
"I've followed KAF for almost 6 months now and he has steady positive results. He is transparent about all of his trades and understands the art of trading. On top of the daily regular trades, KAF has found some amazing trades that have greatly benefited my portfolio. I follow him on twitter, and I remember he called out a potential reversal on DCTH as it was at .02. Within a month DCTH had hit .35 and I managed to get in a trade from .03 to .07. KAF will find huge plays for you, and on the daily basis he will make you a profit in the long run."

​-JJ (KAF Investing chat room member)
"I started trading alone without any help or experience and lost a fairly large amount of money. I joined KAF Investing and was able to change the way I trade completely! KAF got me in the green again by teaching me what to buy, how to buy it, and what I was doing wrong. Suggesting when to buy and sell stocks with live alerts and teaching me how to use platforms like think or swim with videos and educational posts helped a great deal. Detailed Watch-lists are spot on and I was able to cover the monthly fee in only two trades! When you join the family you start the to realize you aren't paying money to subscribe, rather you're being paid to learn and trade. Simply put if you wanna make a lot of money sign up for the trial and see for yourself!​"

​-YA (KAF Investing chat room member)